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Best place to create offshore company for gambling site?

Most gambling sites are incorporated in Maltha, Cyprus and Curacao.... for some reason which I can't remember :) it is the best place to be....

You will be able as an foreigner to obtain a gambling license in this countries too, it is very expansive but if you have some money it is possible.
Well in most of the countries getting a license for gambling site has been made an expensive affair. I think the revenue collected from gambling sites run into billions.Online gambling is a huge business.
Thank you for sharing Darek, however, what do I need to get a Gambling license in the Philipines?

Do you also have some processing available or should one just use firepay and moneybookers like every one else do?
Just use the same payment providers everyone else use.

The first thing is to incorporate in the Philippines or open a branch office.

My law firm offers the incorporation service and other legal services.

see my signature for my website.

The other requirements can be found on this site:

But you will have difficulties to find a real Bank which will provide you with credit card acceptance for a company in the Philipines, so I assume you are refering to Moneybookers, FirePay and click2pay and similar right.
Thank you for sharing this information..... I was looking for a gambling solution means company + processing and also need the software which I understand Microgames has...

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