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Best Structure for Tax Free Investing

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What is in your opinion the best set up / structure for legal tax free investing. This is assuming you live in a "no income tax" or a "territorial tax country" and you are not a US citizen.

My goal is to invest in stocks and bonds and hold it through an IBC which in turn is either owned by a trust, foundation or myself as the shareholder.

Which is best for:

1.) Asset Protection, but staying in control of everything 100% of the time. For example with a trust you really need to have full trust in the trustee. With a Panama Foundation you need to fully trust the foundation council, etc So how do you get asset protection and still have control of your assets?

2.) Zero tax jurisditions for tax free investing (no capital gains and no dividend tax)

3.) Avoid Probate and pass the assets on to my beneficiaries after death

4.) Reputable jurisdictions to make it easy to open bank and brokerage accounts in prime places.

Please share you experiences and recommendations...
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