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BEWARE SCAM: PatraSys - SCAM - www.Patrasys.com - Fraud


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Jan 6, 2009
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Hello all im just warning you all of a scam site called

Western Union money transfer

I collected 3k GBP over the safe of 1 week in to the account. i with drew the lot and not one bit of money has come in to my account after 3 weeks. i went to log on to my account copple days ago and it sayed error.

I went and pressed for password reset put my email adress in and it said no account.

they have scamed me out of 3k GBP

i contacted them by phone and email and no responce.

Beware all PatraSys.com IS SCAM - FRAUD!

What sould i do?
Wow, shameful that they just ruined their own business by scamming. Thank you, and I'm very sorry for your loss
Patrasys is not a scam

We currently use Patrasys.com for our credit card payments on our website. We have been using them for over 2 years and have had a very positive experience with them. I personally do not think they are a scam. They have always paid us all the time and we have transacted way more than 100K per year with them. Talk to them, or to your account manager. I`m sure that this is probably a misunderstanding.
Patrasys IS a scam

We collected £5,000 from 12 different customers over a one week period and never got our client's money; when we rang, the telephone (if it is answered at all!) is always answered by the same guy, who introduced himself to us a customer service manager and a whole raft of other job titles. We are based in the City of London, so I went to their "office" in 145 St. John Street, only to be told by the lady there this was a "mail drop". Their new "head office" address at 23 Austin Friars, London, England EC2N 2QP is also a maildrop (I went there as well!); the same holds true for his "office" in the US

I then rang Patrasys and the guy even insisted that there was Patrasys staff at 145 St John Street!!! I asked him where he was really based and he said "Surrey"; I eventually got some help from a friend who works at BT who told me that the 0844 736 1555 number the fraudster uses is diverted to a landline at Flat 11 Carlton Place, 32 Kingswood Drive, London SE19 1UR.

I am even sceptical whether this guy actually processes any cards at all, or whether he simply collect credit card numbers for obvious purposes; one of my customers who placed an order on my site said that when his card was being authorised it said "waiting for secpay", which is a reputable card merchant; we rang SEC who had never hear of Patrasys.

If Patrasys steals your money do the following:

1) go to the Police; show them the outrage Patrasys is causing not just on this forum; maek sure the Police has the SE19 address

2) ask your customers to initiate chargeback proceeding immediately

3) ask your customers to immediately stop their credit cards

4) phone both Trading Standards and the Department of Business: Patrasys is a limited company and Department of Business can wind the company up in the High Court in the public interest.

Oh finally, the sole trader who runs Patrasys registers on every forum where negative comments have been posted and then writes a glowing report about himself; I see he has done this here as well under the name of Kizer (on another forum he tried this and the forum moderator told all posters that the positive reviews were posted by the guy from Patrasys)
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Welcome JohnThompson, thank you for sharing your story with us, even if I feel sorry for you that you lost your money.

Would be interesting to hear the Patrasys version or how they will defend them self..
Patrasys is not a scam

We use Patrasys and have no issues with getting paid. Patrasys can not take your money because all credit card payments are insured against loss by the respective card issuers. Patrasys always stresses that if you do not have a tracking number for an order or any proof that a product or service has been provided, as a new merchant they need to confirm that you are a legit merchant first before they proceed to pay you.

If you do not provide this proof within a certain period of time, they then proceed to refund all the payments on your account and close it down. if however you are able to confirm this, they then remove any security checks thus making it quick for you to receive your funds.

Just like Google checkout do if they do not have a tracking number on an order. It does not make sense for Patrasys to pay us as merchants and be a scam. If you have any problems, send an email to my account manager who is Mark at [email protected] and he will advise you accordingly and most surely resolve any issues you may have.:1orglaugh:
Patrasys is not a scam

John Thompson, you state as fact that I work for Patrasys, what makes you think so, do you think I am not able to write a review out of my own experience?? You come across as a very negative individual, and your comments reflect that in full. I am not working for Patrasys, however I use their services and happy to continue doing so. Your negativity sucks, dude!!
Patrasys is a scam

Patrasys is a scam and a fraud, all you have to do is type the words "Patrasys" and "scam" into Google and read the various forums; it is one guy who uses dozens of different aliases, and in nine out of ten cases, he does not even answer the telephone anymore. When you rattle him enough, he send out an email from his "ligil department" (sic), which is riddled with spelling, grammar and syntactical errors, it is hilarious

Everytime they get exposed on a forum the guy that runs this scam registers on the forum as a new "user" and posts a glowing report about the company; on this forum it is clearly you, "Kizer".
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I'm not sure who to believe, fact is my expirience with them is not good, I will never make a purchase through them again!

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