1. asd

    asd New Member

    I did not, no.
  2. icecold

    icecold Trusted Member Business Angel

    Does anyone know what the best crypto friendly EMI provider is and that offer IBAN account number?

    Revolut I know but you can't feed it from an external wallet :(
  3. Internationaloff

    Internationaloff Corporate Services Business Angel

    Mistertango. thu&¤#
  4. theoneintrouble

    theoneintrouble New Member

    I am wondering if anyone has experience working with Mistertango.
    I want to know if I can trust them for high volume arbitrage trading. (Buying btc from their exchange)
  5. extremedox101

    extremedox101 Trusted Member Business Angel

    uphold has crypto trade options , but i read some shitty reviews ... do your own research .
    back in the time there was circle but they are out of selling coins .
  6. extremedox101

    extremedox101 Trusted Member Business Angel

    banks + bitcoin are two things that don't get a long much . most of times more freedom aren't associated with reliable services .
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  7. theoneintrouble

    theoneintrouble New Member

    That is true however there must be way around banking for crypto money... All these exchanges figured out how, we should do too.
  8. Admin

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    I totally agree with you, there must be ways to do it and also there must exists possible solutions.
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  9. Nasos Png

    Nasos Png New Member

    Unfortunately, I just got rejected by BZWBK in Poland bank. I work for a CSP by the way.

    Dear Sir Or Madame,

    Thank you for the message.

    In answer to your question regarding company accounts, I kindly inform you that Bank Zachodni WBK S.A. it does not allow transactions related to the Bitcoin electronic currency or any other cryptocurrency.

    I hope that the information provided will be helpful. If you have additional questions, I invite you to contact me again.

    @Emily Rimlins any thoughts? The company will be incorporated in EU
  10. Emily Rimlins

    Emily Rimlins Member Entrepreneur


    Yes, lately BZWBK has stopped opening accounts for Crypto. Soon they will stop with foreign accounts completely.

    You can try Millenium Bank now.

    Hope this helps!

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  11. Nasos Png

    Nasos Png New Member

    Thank you for your response! If I may ask, is your company located in Europe?
  12. volcanotnt

    volcanotnt New Member

    Paysera is not really crypto friendly.


    Crime prevention.
    According to the rules for usage of Paysera system, clients are prohibited from managing unlicensed virtual currencies (e.g. bitcoin). Therefore, transfers to systems which exchange such currencies are not performed. Transfers are also not performed to accounts of financial pyramids (e.g. Kairos) and their partners.
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  13. extremedox101

    extremedox101 Trusted Member Business Angel

    i found this site UPayCard | Fees
    i don't know where they are based
    use it at your own risk/research
  14. aperson

    aperson New Member

    anyone have any success with emis?
  15. Admin

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    What success story are you looking for, did you see this List of EMI and Digital Banks list of EMI's and the comments!
  16. aperson

    aperson New Member

    I am wondering if these EMIS are hard to open accounts with.
    Ok thanks for that list will check it out!
  17. greywolf

    greywolf New Member

    Somebody recently used UPaycard?
    Fees seem to be reasonable, but I found an old thread somewhere about being Scam, and/or involved in Ponzi Scheme
  18. extremedox101

    extremedox101 Trusted Member Business Angel