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  1. Educate

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    US does not report to other jurisdictions from what I know.

    So how do you get a Breder Suasso US bank account?
  2. diablo

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    They report exact same way as everyone else does!
  3. Chris K

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    Hello to everyone,
    i have just stumbled across this thread by doing a google search on Breder Suasso. I am a barrister at law and we have a corporate account of my law firm at Breder.
    Just a warning to all of you who are considering opening an account there and doing business with them. DON'T do this mistake.

    First of all they are not a bank. It's a financial institution and i doubt if they have a physical presence and/or branch.
    They lack of communication and if you get a response they only reply to what is beneficial for them. Recently we had many clients sending money for our services to our account in Breder. They have sent all transfers back to the ordering accounts without informing us, getting all their charges and fees and after several emails asking why, they have still not replied. They are avoiding to give you any explanations and/or assistance on the matter.
    If you want to make your life miserable then sign up with them.
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    Thank you for your feedback @Chris K I just wonder why they would send the money back? I assume you have a license for your business ;)
  5. Chris K

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    Hi Auric, of course we are licensed. I don't think the problem has to do with licenses etc
    Clients are transferring money to us and Breder sends it back after deducting their fees of course. We are attempting to do a transfer from our account to another and again they reject the order and return the money, minus their fees. Basically they are constantly being paid without doing any work. We have tried working with them for a year now and they are a huge pain in the ass.
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    Why would you use a joke of a company like Brader? They are NZ trust, one of those scams few years ago. Guess a little cleaner now, but still wouldn't use them.
  7. Chris K

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    Now that i know what they are and how they work i won't be using them again. An accountant had introduced them to us and said they are very good etc etc
    Hence my post here to warn other people to stay away.
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    Well done, thx.
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