BVI Company Formation

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British Virgin Island or BVI company formation becomes easier with help from an expert in providing business support services. We have been in this field for several years and have helped those interested in starting a BVI offshore company. This is why you can count on us when it comes to this task.

Because we know how important it is in this venture to make a well-informed decision, let us give you the information you need to start things right.

Why consider BVI company formation?
Forming a British Virgin Islands offshore company, more popularly known as BVI Business Company, comes with advantages, which include:
  • Communication is easier with English as the language; the US dollar is the currency.
  • Another tax haven, BVI frees your business from income tax, capital gains, wealth tax, corporation tax, and others.
  • BVI company formation involves a simple and no-hassle process that it will only take you a few days to have everything completed.
  • You do not have to worry about all the accounting and auditing requirements like you used to because again, these are not compulsory.
  • Public record does not include the identity of directors or shareholders. It only covers the Certificate of Incorporation, records of payment, name and address of the registered agent, and others.
  • The corporation can have a bank account.
BVI Company Formation

What are the requirements then?
These are only a few:
  • Covered by the BVI Business Companies Act (2004), your BVI BC must have a registered office. But, you can meet this requirement by simply listing the address of your BVI registered agent.
  • When nominating a corporate name, make sure that it is unique. BVI also requires it to end in a specific suffix, which includes Corporation (or Corp.), Limited (or Ltd.), and Incorporated (or Inc.). Submit three corporate names to be sure that one gets approved.
  • Have at least one shareholder. But you are not limited to the number of shareholders in the company. Issue the shares soon as you have completed the incorporation or else the directors are the ones responsible for all the company contracts.
  • The Articles of Association and Memorandum are only the company records available to the public.

Expertise counts
Now that you know most of the advantages and requirements, the most important question is, is starting a BVI BC for you?
If your answer is YES, then you are a call away from incorporating it. Your next task is to search for a corporate service provider that can help you with the BVI company formation. But before you do, find the one that is already an expert in international business incorporations.