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Call from Paypal customar care?


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Apr 15, 2009
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Do anyone here has any idea about call from Paypal customer care. I don't think Paypal make a call to its customer in general situation as email is their most prefered method to approach you. Has anyone of you ever gt a call from them?
sorry guy I am also a paypal account holder since long but I do not think they make any call to the customer, they inform their member/account holder through e-mail. I think paypal is the most trusted and genuine financial institution and widely accepted all over the world. Its transaction is very easy and hassle free. I like it very much.
All the communication I so far had with PayPal was by e-mail / ticket system, I never have spoken with them in the phone, don't know why such a huge company never use the phone to approach you.
Well, true, but still, they make plenty of money on each account holder, so why do they are hiding behind their desks and e-mails? If someone has a urgent issue with their system or about a dispute or something they should at least pay you a call and attention.