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Can I have 2 business accounts with PayPal?

PayPal only allowes 1 business (Premium account) and 1 personal account, but send a support ticket to them at wait for an answer, maybe they can figure something out.
I don't see why not. If you supply different information for separate business accounts, there shouldn't be any problem. Different information being different business names, addresses, card numbers, etc.
As much as I know, you can't have 2 business accounts with PayPal but I am seeing the decision for this problem in using the different e-mails with different passwords. PayPal allows to use up to 7 e-mails.
PayPal's feedback turnaround takes ages! But I have a brilliant idea that might help you out:

Try registering a second account in your name and see how it works. Usually, when you submit forms and it gets rejected, the system would tell you why. Doing this, you'll know which field requires unique information.