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change residency and btc trading


New member
If a citizen from country A (european) win some BTC on a crypto platform, 6 digits, by trading crypto in country A (high taxed), but dont declare it
then moves to country B (in europe), get the residency within 1 week, open an ONshore LLC for his activity of crypto trading and lend his btc previously earnt to this LLC, this lending will appear only in the accountancy of the LLC and will be officially and all legit declared to country B at the end of the corporate tax period for country B so more than a year after the lend starts
assuming country B does not tax when you lend BTC containing unrealized profits,
is there going to be a problem when country B receive the accountancy, see that he lent crypto to the corporate and maybe warn country A to make sure these were already taxed ?, or most likely this is not a risk due to the fact the accountancy declaration occurs a year later and is made in a good faith?
what your thoughts ?

thank you


New member
I think it would depend on how friendly country B is with country A. And how much country B cares about KYC and AML reporting. Is the crypto platform going to report KYC of your winnings to country A? Personally id set up offshore corp and institutional accounts with exchanges that are also located offshore, move BTC to those accounts. Move to country B, keep trading and slowly pay yourself in country B, keeping most of the funds inside the offshore corp. Unless you really need to spend all your bitcoin to establish yourself in country B.
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