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Cheap (relatively) anonymous company with limited liability for website

If you have been a frequently visiting user of offshorecorpalk and followed the threads around here you would figure out easily how to setup everything yourself for a fraction of what some people around here ask for.

All it requires is a few thousands in your pocket and the courage to do it yourself! Curios, good, check out my signature, it's totally free and I don't make a penny on it.
Are you into consulting @I'mRobot or do you consider it? could use a reliable guy who could help with such stuff.
Are you into consulting @I'mRobot or do you consider it? could use a reliable guy who could help with such stuff.
I have been using @myhand a few times to order anonymous companies, so far doing well with all neobanks and payment gateways
I'm thinking to start a small website about a hobby of mine and try to make some money from ads/affiliate links. This will be a tiny side project and it will probably hardly make any profit.
Everything will be completely legal and fine, but as it's a public website, I am a little bit worried that someone may try to milk me for not having the right disclaimer, cookie popup, whatever on there.
For a proper project, I would just pay for a service to make sure it's all fine, but for this small hobby project, it doesn't make sense.

Instead, I'd rather use an "anonymous" company that also comes with limited liability. Like I said, everything will be completely legal, so it doesn't have to be 100% sure anonymous. It should just require some effort to find out who's behind it, more than a simple search in some public registers on the internet.

I don't know banking could be an issue, as I have no experience with AdSense and similar platforms. Can they pay out to a different entity or yourself as an individual, or does it always have to match the domain owner?
Can you just get an EMI account for a typical offshore company, and have AdSense pay into that?

What's the best solution for this? A single-member LLC from Wyoming, Nevada or New Mexico? A Seychelles company? Belize? BVI? Hong Kong?
I don't want to use darks or anything shady like that. Everything is absolutely legit and I also don't want to dodge taxes.

I just want to have as low expenses as possible, ideally just a couple hundred bucks per year.
The content on that website will of course be subject to copyright (my own content), in case that's relevant.
You're very active around here, can you let us know your findings or a hint?