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Cheating at online gamblings/casinos


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Sep 11, 2009
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Most casinos don't cheat because they'd make less money that way, because they'd never get any repeat business and of course not to mention that getting a bad reputation in this business can easily kill an online operation.

There's way more money to be made by dealing an honest game. A casino winds up making less money if it cheats, so cheating is rare.

It's also hard to get away with, since we have sites like WizardofOdds.com to act as watchdogs and who don't hesitate to call out casinos which don't deal a fair game.

So have you come across any such sites, do share ?
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hi there,

well i have tried casinotropez,888.com,bodog these sites are legit sites and they donot cheat,but some margin is positively shared by them as many games such as roulette,blackjack wont let you win more than 5 times on a stretch..
I have been to a number of gambling sites, and most of them turned out to be surprisingly honest. When you are talking about something like online gambling, you pretty much expect to run into some bad places. Thankfully, I haven't yet!
I am likely to enter into the ring of casinos to try my luck.So this discussion has helped me a lot.You are right in your concept that without transparency, no any money earning sites can survive long term.But some people are so notorious, they runaway with members money severaltimes and come out again with another name and site.How can you catch them?Exactly the same thing is taking place in gambling and casino world.
Online casinos are constantly under scrutiny by many monitors and any casino that shows signs of foul play is reported immediately, which is why there are very few online casinos left. But still I'll rather not test my luck on such casinos even if its 888.com.