1. adrianseto8

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    Hi All

    anyone ever heard of this formation company before? also is it normal for the servicepayment the following company requested bank transfer or western union instead of credit card?


    Vasiliki Petrou
    Meridian Trust
    22, Leoforos Makariou III,
    Makaria Center, 4th Floor, Office Number 403,
    Larnaca 6016 – Cyprus
    P.O. Box 40451
    Tel:+357 24 812050, Fax:+357 24 812051



    Antonis Kyriacou
    Advocate - Legal Consultant & Insolvency Practitioner
    42E, Arch. Makarios III Avenue • Matina Building • 3rd Floor • Office 303 • 1065 Nicosia • Cyprus
    Telephone: +357 22 321056 Fax: +357 22 321054

    i dont think i am allowed to post the link to their company here, but any input are appreciated

    thank you much in advance
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  2. Admin

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    Seems to be a valid law firm.
  3. Barry

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    hey, do share your experience here. I am also planning to have a company registered in cyprus along with the bank account. So, share your experience.
  4. negon

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    They are OK all of them, have used them for a single incorporation of a Cyprus corp and have the corps right now!
  5. Maher

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    Hey Guys,

    We have an online business, and in our country, PayPal is not allowed!
    So we are planning to open an LLC in Cyprus for Non-Residant, and have a Bank account and Link PayPal to it.

    Where the LLC In Cyprus will Purchase from our Local Company and Sells to the End Consumer.

    1st Question:
    Would the Above Setup Work good with PayPal? Or PayPal would make a trouble for us?

    2nd Question:
    Did anyone here already worked with
    They have another name (Bridgewest Corporate Management LTD)

    They have been replying to our Emails, and Calls in the last few days! And they agreed to receive a PayPal Payment to register the Company (Which Seems for us Safier than Paying via Credit Card)

    Do you suggest Visiting them Personally?

    3rd Question:
    What about the Shareholder?
    Is it Risky if they Provide a Shareholder from their side? If yes, what are the Risks?

    4th Question:
    They said Cyprus has 12.5% Corporate Tax and 0% Dividend Tax
    So this means that 12.5% will be applicable only on the NET Profit Right?

    I would appreciate a Detailed Feedback from anyone who have an experience with the above!

    Thanks in advance!