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Having to move to new destination I am taking a closer look into the cupboards to throw away not necessary stuff.

Yesterday I found some checks. And I destroyed them, because I do not need them.

Do you still use checks for paying your goods?


Offshore Agent
In some cases, it's good to have a checking account. It comes in handy when you have to pay the rent a few months in advance. I think it also facilitates safe and secure transfer of funds.


Offshore Agent
I don't like using checks. However in many eastern European countries I visited they are still using checks as a reliable payment. I guess it depends on countries to countries and many of them still loves them.


Offshore Agent
I use checks for some things, although mostly I use debit and credit cards. I often write a check at a doctors office or other places where I try and give them a break from the 3% or so processing fee.

As mentioned above, in many countries, credit and debit cards aren't used that much. I find it interesting that many people in Europe are much more likely to give their bank account information to a company to process a payment than to give a credit card. Fearing that using a credit card is more dangerous than giving out their bank account info.


Offshore Agent
I think it is a question of the law in Europe.

Banks have to approve the drawer on a bank account.

So if someone catches your bank data and draws on your account, your bank has to verify that it was the owner drawing the money from the account. If it was somebody else- the bank has to pay for it.

That is why the bank is prooving every move in Europe on accounts - they want to be on the safe side.

If you use your credit card- you have to check yourself if somebody else misuses your data.


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How old are you guys :) I'm 23 and I have never even seen a check, I always use my CC and if needed PayPal I was never in need of a check book.


Offshore Agent
I use checks when I want a paper trail. Doctors especially, use a check, taxation, use a check and send payments certified. Just think if you ever had to prove you did something buy a certain time or date, checks and post marks have more weight then electronic confirmations.