China deploys tanks to prevent people from withdrawing money from crisis-hit banks

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Meanwhile, China's per capita income is also under $12,000 per person, compared with per capita income of about $64,000 in the United States. Put differently, the U.S. is only 38% richer than China on a gross basis, but it is 500% richer than China on a per capita basis.
Hm I think PPP is more reliable measure as chinese spend in yuan not USD and then it's 21K USD PPP per capita according to wikipedia still much poorer than US but less significant
China has not shown much capacity for developing high-technology on its own, but it has been quite effective at stealing such technology from trading partners and applying it through its own system of state-owned enterprises. But the U.S. and other countries have cracked down on China's technology theft and China cannot generate the needed technology through its own R&D.
Yes but China can't be blamed for no high-technology development, they started as 3rd world country and everything needs to be done gradually, they can't start inventing when they lack capital, good education etc, maybe in 20-30 years it will be a different story when they reach higher level
Still they have some achievements like xiaomi, huawei, DJI brand, G5 technology and many others, I am writing from huawei laptop which I really like but yes its surely the US leading in high end technology

Still they had growth unseen in human history, they were compared to India and were said to start at similar level and India PPP per capita now is 8K USD according to wikipedia

Also asian and chinese in particular have different mentality, they dont value freedom as much as the west I think revolution in China is very very unlikely

Don't forget US has problems as well,
I read it is predicted that by 2050 white americans won't represent the majority!
also stupid ideologies, left wing right wing conflicts and tensions
Too much power in hands of major corporations: tech like twitter, facebook and others too

Advantage US has its nearly impossible or impossible for China to contest them culturally, US means coca cola, movies and everything cool while China is not potrayed well or considered too alien mentally and culturally, I think even some of the chinese value foreign products more than domestic haha

China can have better time dealing with investments and projects in Africa or south east asia than US because white people are not very welcomed there because of colonialism

I think whoever visited China was quite impressed, not only Beijing or Shenzhen but entire country, even on google maps you can see very dense roads, also if you have nothing better to do you can look up pictures from some random cities the architecture looks decent and modern in my opinion (if you do this in Russia or worse India it can look scary haha)
So I think China is not as bad as some say or as good, they can contest USA but not in nearest future rather in around 20 years time span