Choice Bank of Belize faces liquidity problems

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  1. Bogdan9000

    Bogdan9000 Active Member

    i sent my documents 10 days ago and no reply . anyone got a answear after sent documents ?
  2. John L

    John L New Member

    Same here, I sent the documents two weeks ago. No reply since then. I also wrote on the liquidator first email this week, no reply.
  3. Yacht trade

    Yacht trade New Member

    No reply since 3 weeks
  4. Fuck Liar Ad Kees

    Fuck Liar Ad Kees New Member

    Does anybody else here want to pursue legal action and particularly the Liar Ad Kees at Choice bank? That piece of trash deserves to be in prison and worse. There is a special place in hell waiting for that poor excuse of a human. How is he breathing still?
  5. ChoiceCentralBelize

    ChoiceCentralBelize Building Trust Entrepreneur

    Why do you think he is the responsible here? Or let s say the only responsible?

    He was only vicepresident of the bank... keep in mind that the bank have/had 4 shareholders...

    He was the voice of the bank but donno more...
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  6. Bogdan9000

    Bogdan9000 Active Member

    Last is 29 octomber . If the will reply in in oct and f course our documents are not 100 % filleed correct .. we have to fill again ...and next aswear when ? is november to tell us is to late ? hahaha
  7. Safa

    Safa Corporate Services Business Angel

    this is a hell of a thread and mess. I hope you guys with big money in there will get just a portion out of it.
  8. Lubomir

    Lubomir New Member

    Hi everyone.
    Filing a Claim Form 4 - Unsecured Prepaid Cardholder. Would anybody know what

    Account Type
    Account Name
    Date Account Balance (most recent)

    under Prepaid Card section stand for? Or where can I find that info?

    I understand what the words mean, but I'm not sure what kind of information they refer to. Online support of Choice Bank redirected me to the Liquidator with that question, even provided his e-mail, but so far no answer from Mr. Flowers administration. Didn't find any clarification about the matter on the FAQ of the Liquidator website either.

    Highly appreciate the help.
  9. Lubomir

    Lubomir New Member

    And another thing I seek clarification on.
    the FAQ on the Liquidator site says that Claim Form and supporting documents can be sent over e-mail, so my question is: do I need to notarize (if so - how I do that?..) scans? I understand that I need to print out Claim Form, sign it, then scan the signed form and send it to them, but do I have to print out the scan of my passport, then notarized it and scan again the notarized version? Wouldn't it be an overkill? Because if I wanted to alter the original scan then I could do it to the notarized scan as well. Same goes to the PDF of my account balance the FCP sent me on my request.
    So the way I see it: I need to download the Claim Form, fill it, print it out so I can sign it, then scan the signed Claim Form and send this scan to the provided e-mail along with a scan of my passport and the original PDF of my account balance I got from the FCP support.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  10. maja

    maja New Member

    Lubomir that's what I plan to do too, I jut got my passport scan notarized, but I don't know if I need to translate that document (it's in my language+cyrillic) it basically says it's an identical copy of original and that I paid some fee to get it...and there is a stamp.
  11. gbest79

    gbest79 Member

    When u notarized , they can traslate , ask that , is better !!
  12. maja

    maja New Member

    unfortunately I need to go somewhere else to get it officially translated
  13. ChoiceCentralBelize

    ChoiceCentralBelize Building Trust Entrepreneur

    I think that Belizean government works very very hard to steal our money with documents... in fact they just work to cover theirselfs in case they will receive an unannounced control like they made at Choice Bank...

    This shits eat our money daily and we can t even move a finger
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  14. Suzy Emerald

    Suzy Emerald Building Trust Entrepreneur

    can't you use an online transator? There are many out there and they give a certificate with it. I used it very once in a while and never had issues.
  15. Bogdan9000

    Bogdan9000 Active Member

    3 weeks and no reply . damnnnnnnnnn
  16. ChoiceCentralBelize

    ChoiceCentralBelize Building Trust Entrepreneur

    Imagine when they will start "paying" only a few thousand next year :O
  17. KrsPeeva

    KrsPeeva Active Member

    No response for me either . In US u can't send copy or notarized document so i fill out the form and send it electronically first with my other supportive docs as well and then I send the same copy of all documents via regular mail but notarized only passport,proff for some stuff, amount owed and the form. I also send them an email to let them know they should receive stuff from me via regular mail as well but have no response yet. This stinks so bad and I'm still shaking my head how obviously and publicly people steal your money and walking away with it like nothing happened................
  18. Bogdan9000

    Bogdan9000 Active Member

    Is time to say good bye to OUR money !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. John L

    John L New Member

    Has anyone recently managed to get in touch with them by phone ?
  20. Fuck Liar Ad Kees

    Fuck Liar Ad Kees New Member

    I want to go after all the board members criminal especially that Liar Ad Kees. The Board members stole our money and stalled and lied to all of us depositors. Lets not let these bastards get away with it.