Choice Bank of Belize faces liquidity problems

Martin Everson

Offshore Consultant
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Meh. Belize is running dry of cash, but why?

1. Joined CRS and started exchange relationship with the EU
2. Increased non-resident corporation reporting requirements bundled with enhanced AML and CFT controls in the financial sector
3. Embarked on a path to move from 0% tax to low-tax

- Listen, tax havens of the world: You cannot do all 3 at the same time and avoid major bank runs! doh948""rof/%
This is what happens when your a banana republic and the EU...sorry OECD and US both hold a loaded gun to your head :(. You have to strip naked and get on your knees when they tell you too or else bor&%#.


Building Trust
Let s wait a bit. We drew conclusions when we had no official info...but now we do. If they said we will be paid I think we will eventually.

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