Choice Bank of Belize faces liquidity problems

Martin Everson

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Meh. Belize is running dry of cash, but why?

1. Joined CRS and started exchange relationship with the EU
2. Increased non-resident corporation reporting requirements bundled with enhanced AML and CFT controls in the financial sector
3. Embarked on a path to move from 0% tax to low-tax

- Listen, tax havens of the world: You cannot do all 3 at the same time and avoid major bank runs! doh948""rof/%
This is what happens when your a banana republic and the EU...sorry OECD and US both hold a loaded gun to your head :(. You have to strip naked and get on your knees when they tell you too or else bor&%#.


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Let s wait a bit. We drew conclusions when we had no official info...but now we do. If they said we will be paid I think we will eventually.


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FCP... I don’t think anyone is messing with anyone ... it’s crisis so let people do their job! DOES ANYONE KNOW FROM WHERE TO DOWNLOAD THE WIRE TRANSFER FORM?? The last update from the Liqudator says it’s available for download from the website but I can’t find it ? All claimants must send wire form


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Yeah they finally post it . I was freaking out there is no wire form lol
Yap seems like FCP clients and members of the “ program “ (me included ) will be getting paid later ...


hello! Somebody know if we need to complete '' INTERMEDIARY BANK INFORMATION'' in the wire transfer information form? If yes, how do we know wich bank to chose?


Hei all,
What you ppl wrote at first section,5.0? Info about fcp bank? In that case I dont know them,i know just card number,how i can get the rest?

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