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Citizenship based taxation triggered by moving to tax haven

There are not plenty, maybe not even two, but there is one such clear cut taxation by citizenship case when moving to a tax haven with no workaround. And that is French citizens moving to Monaco - they are still taxed as tax residents in France for life, even if they move to a third country first, and even if they also have citizenship of a third country beside the french citizenship.

There are exceptions, but I wouldnt call them workarounds:

-A French citizen who had been a resident for at least 5 years as of October 13th, 1962 when the Franco - Monegasque treaty took effect, and has retained residency in Monaco since then, would not pay tax to France, and would be a so called privileged French citizen.

-A French citizen who marries a privileged French citizen, a Monegasque citizen or a third party citizen would also not pay tax to France.

-A French citizen born in Monaco who has consistently lived in Monaco since birth does not pay tax to France.

-A French citizen who gets Monegasque citizenship will not pay tax in France as Monegasque citizenship takes precedence.
Get citizenship in other EU country like Belgium , Italy etc and renounce French citizenship

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