citizenship by investment

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  1. void

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    Could anyone recommend an up-to-date uncluttered resource or comparison of options for citizenship by investment - some list of countries that offer this instrument. I'm mostly interested in (but not limited to) real estate ownership.
  2. negon

    negon hannibal the cannibal Mentor Group Business Angel Commercial Service

    Where do you want to obtain citizenship?
  3. void

    void Trusted Member Business Angel

    I'd like to compare the options - not sure yet
  4. james David

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    In Ukraine, cheap and effective
  5. Martin Everson

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  6. niggashit

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    Please go with henley and partners (As they are managing most of CIP programs) Others ones are shady as *** .... I do not even mind to contact them to risk money.

    They take care everything from opening bank accounts for investments and mail forwarding. They are lawyers and ready to answer any question.
  7. 7889

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    Here is nice comparison tool - Program Check - Arton Capital
    If you decide to go through with it, i would suggest finding a local agent in the country of your choice and contacting him directly. Generally cheaper and faster. Agent in your home country would want commission for basically nothing.
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