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Coinbase Commerce, how long for verification level 2?


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Jul 15, 2013
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I've just uploaded my passport to Coinbase Commerce. It was processing and mentioned they'd email me once my passport is verified (Level 1). But, I haven't received any email, yet there are two green checkmarks!

Now, when I try to return to the site to move on to Level 2, I'm unable to. There's no way to upload a utility bill or anything similar!

How long does the verification process usually take? And is it something that's done over the weekend?

This is what I see
My mistake, I need to download the Coinbase mobile app to complete the verification process. They could have mentioned that on the screen.

Finally, I downloaded it to my Apple phone, and now the app is just looping in the verification process and never moves to the next step, which is one out of four.

I would have thought a multi-billion dollar company like Coinbase would be capable of making their software work properly; this seems amateurish.

Does anyone know how to deal with Coinbase verification and their support?
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I'm not really sure what's going on, but there's something wrong with Coinbase, and you might want to stay away from them.
I'm not really sure what's going on, but there's something wrong with Coinbase, and you might want to stay away from them.
Really? Don't know about other countries, but in the UK Coinbase is one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges. With large amounts I would probably only deal with them. Just a little advice, don't try to use forged documents, they smell them a mile away.
You can't do anything with Level 1 - at least we are unable to do anything with this account, only on level 2 you can receive, invest and sent cryptos.
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Coinbase is a joke, if you Google "Coinbase verification loop," you'll find a sea of posts up to 3 years old, all with the same problem everyone is having right now in 2024 - Their stuff just doesn't work. They're so big that they don't find it necessary to fix the error but let hundreds of thousands of users spend hours trying to get verified.

They are a company you should stay far away from, constant negative media coverage, and you risk them freezing your money and keeping it. There are also countless reports of this if you search more on Google. One person reports having over $200,000 frozen in Coinbase, and they do not respond to his inquiries, neither on support tickets nor by phone.

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Yeah I tried to e-mail them a few times, no response. Verification just loops.
Have you tried signing in and contacting their support here - help.coinbase.com ? There's a chat window you can open and sign in to get live support.
Yes, try that and you will feel like a clownrof/%
They let you go through loops, no help at all, useless.