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Collusion between IFZA and its partners. There is no way to opt out and choose another service provider.

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Friends, maybe someone has faced this problem before. I wrote about it myself, but I didn't know that the situation had gone so far.

So, in order to open a company in IFZA, this can only be done through a professional partner (like Fred in DLS Dubai, for example) there are many such partners. Becoming a new partner and performing the same functions (or more if you can) is not a problem.

But it is IMPOSSIBLE to abandon the first partner (with whom you opened a company) and switch to another, as I understand it. Yes, the Free Zone and its partners can tell you that this is possible, but in fact none of them helps or completes the process.

And if you made a mistake or just didn't realize right away when you first opened the company that your first partner was an unqualified and incredibly lazy homoerectus, then you can no longer refuse to accept another position.

Despite the fact that the contract between any partner and IFZA strictly stipulates: the client (I) can withdraw unilaterally, without prior notification and explanation of the reason. And it is the partner who bears all the responsibility.

Apparently only through the Dubai Court or DIFC?
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