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Company to make sales in the US, which jurisdictions to incorporate a company? Considering the ease of getting bank accounts and US MIDs.

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Hey all,

We are an e-Commerce company.

We have a lot of sales in the US and right now the sales are being processed by our EU companies. We would like to find jurisdictions that can we can get US or any North America MIDs processor in order to optimize our conversion rate, and of course a solid bank account. We are looking into TD bank in Canada for example.

I have checked Delaware - but I am entirely not sure about how company formation works over there, and tax aspects - but it seems like we cannot generate sales within the US with Delaware?

We are also considering Canada - but it seems like we would still be subjected to IRS on the basis of "effectively connected with the conduct of a trade or business within the United States"

About Puerto Rico, I have heard too much about Euro Pacific Bank, and I am not sure about the payment processor aspects. Also, it looks like it's not that easy to get good banks in Puerto Rico, otherwise why is everyone I know are using EPB whilst also complaining about them?

Any advice welcomed!

Thanks all! :)


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Have you looked into Stripe.com/atlas as suggested so many times here already? They setup your US company and offer payment processing as well as accounting and anything else you need.

Otherwise I would look into Delaware or Wyoming agency services, many times discussed here already do the search in Google like this: site:eek:ffshorecorptalk.com delaware or wyoming and you will find much more information about it.

Once you have a real setup in the USA, services like firstdata may be an option.
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