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Company with hiden owner (register)


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need to register company anywhere on the world just to protect my UK company. On UK Limited company need change owner (shareholder) which will be this new company.
So, need company which not provide owner details (name/last name/address/country ...) to third people.

Let me know for very cheap option. Not need bank account for this company and I am from EU.

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I would look into the direction of Georgia which is the cheapest and the one that protect your privacy the best or you can look into Belize and Seychelles which both offer a great level of privacy but is outside of Europe.


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BVI are implementing a public register system due to pressure from the UK. Recent-ish news: Public registers requirement will wait until 2023

I personally wouldn't go near BVI because of the system mentioned above as well as the complicated proccess to incorporate. Even if BVI pushes back and the public register system doesn't get implemented the risk is still there.

Go for a republic that doesn't have to bend to the will of the UK - say, for example, Seychelles or Nevis, or even the US (New Mexico is especially good for privacy and if you're not a US citizen there is no tax on the LLC's foreign income).


Georgia, Belize and Seychelles works perfectly fine with TransferWise, you can do anything wrong with that.
what are the differences between the three? Are there different situations where one setup is better than the other?

Do the 2019 changes to belize companies have any effect on this?

Bz / Seychelles with Transferwise works well? Any limitations to this?


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I have asked a few agents and it takes 3 months to incorporate in BVI.
stay away from BVI it's simply not worth it. If you want privacy and something easy to go with it's Seychelles, Belize and Republic of Georgia beside that some here say Armenia is cool.


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Georgia, Belize and Seychelles works perfectly fine with TransferWise, you can do anything wrong with that.
Are you sure that seychelles work with transferwise? I’ve ask them about that 3 days ago and they told me that they not open bank account for this jurisdiction
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