countries with the rests of freedom?

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  1. void

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    Users of this forum are surely spread over the whole world. I'd like to learn more about countries (if any have left) that don't care about "what people are doing" that much.
    Not talking only about taxes but about general aspects of life. Are there for example countries that don't care about
    * your health insurance
    * whether your kids are going to school (being educated)
    * what you'll live from after getting retired
    * what's your residential address
    * whether you're doing drugs
    * how many guns do you posses
    In general where life is not that regulated.
    Does it sound weird? :)
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  2. UScorp

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    Pakistan,Irak undiscovered islands in the south pacific area might work hap¤#"
  3. Martin Everson

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    Republic of Somaliland.
  4. KJK

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    You can find some, and it doesn't need to be Somalia or Iraq as suggested above.

    I'd say many countries in Asia have different mentality than the nanny EU regulated state - often there is no mandatory health insurance, no retirement or very low one (family takes care), sometimes even no official addresses and street names and just general directions or PO boxes instead.

    With drugs and guns it is more difficult.

    However I would say e.g. Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines match some of these points (except e.g. drugs).
    Possibly also South Africa, Brazil; to a lesser extent Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Belize, Panama.

    Of course you should expect higher level of corruption, danger and general incompetence (of both common people and government) than you may be used to.

    In the end, it's up to you - you can decide to live in a golden cage such as Sweden or Denmark and be happy; or you can live in a country that will challenge you and be happy as well.

    In the long term, I think it's good not to stick to one place and be ready for anything.
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  5. void

    void Trusted Member Business Angel

    :) I'm not interested in drugs and guns personally - I just believe that state/government isn't here to protect people against themselves... shouldn't mention this since for many people it's hard to imagine after indoctrination by first world school systems

    wow, you mostly covered my current checklist - I guess it's no that difficult with what has left

    Quid pro quo - for European people world is sometimes shocking but I'm just not yet ready to sell my whole life and freedom for a false feeling of order and safety provided by terribly fragile system - one week without electricity, water and facebook would be enough

    I agree but it depends a lot on your age and number of people you're responsible for I guess :)
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  6. negon

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    If you are not into some sort of "shit holes" as they are called most often here on OCT then I would recommend to look into tax reduction rather than tax evasion. Find some of the low tax countries which still offer some good privacy and work something out from that point!
  7. niggashit

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    Are you liberal? I think best to buy own island or country (if you have money)
  8. void

    void Trusted Member Business Angel

    I'm probably more than liberal :-D anarchist is maybe more precise..., I just believe in free market everywhere

    I'm afraid I can only afford an island in not very attractive locations - not sure how about running my own country - I'd love that for sure, wanna join me?
  9. niggashit

    niggashit Building Trust Entrepreneur

    You can buy country through lending or other means. Look what China doing to third world countries. They lend money then take over part of country.

    Principality of Sealand - Wikipedia

    You may find this interesting.

    I forget to mention. You need to contact a Venture Capital to invest on this idea. Pitch deck need to be interesting for them.

    Money Laundering: Global fraudsters use sea fortress as passport to

    I was thinking about buying small island in some sea and getting UN Membership then setting up mail carriers and Central Bank.

    Republic of Everson. I like this name to honor you :)
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  10. void

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  11. niggashit

    niggashit Building Trust Entrepreneur

    You could start your own religion and modify humans just like Jesus did :D . I do not have anymore ideas neither country in my mind.
  12. void

    void Trusted Member Business Angel

    I already did, that's why I'm looking for a new holy country...
  13. niggashit

    niggashit Building Trust Entrepreneur


    I'm looking stable place to safeguard from Nuclear war. if you found any country, do share with me!
  14. void

    void Trusted Member Business Angel

    lucky you, you'll be safe in my new peaceful kingdom

    what do you think? :)

    sorry admin, we are getting a bit off-topic here, my bad
  15. João Silva

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  16. void

    void Trusted Member Business Angel

    thanks for sharing your opinion
    in such a big country I'd expect different situation from region to region - comparable with US where people in California are totally different from those in New York or Memphis
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  17. niggashit

    niggashit Building Trust Entrepreneur

    I think I found you perfect country. Russia.
  18. xzars

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    Shortlist to non-OECD countries.

    Have a look here and pick among light-grey countries. OECD - Wikipedia

    Unless you're talking about green maple leaves or other light substances, I think you will have to let go of "whether you're doing drugs" requirement. That requirement will leave you with no more than 1 or 2 options.
  19. void

    void Trusted Member Business Angel

    As I already said above I regret I mentioned that, it's not important (as well as guns), I just mentioned it as an example of sign of true freedom.
  20. João Silva

    João Silva Member

    Sure. But drugs, weapons, children education are national law, then it´s the same in all country.