Create a fake website to transfer funds out of home country

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are you saying to buy legit in colombia & trade for profit?
Hi, here in Colombia is alegal, here doesn't exist rules yet and people spend cash to buy or sell large amount of BTC, some people use banks account to get the payments around the country but is not possible manage large quantities of money to do this, here is normal see cash trades. Some companies or individuals used to move money outside and inside of country. Why have special cheap price, is only market economy rules offer and demand, normally came large amounts here and no exist to much people to buy this, so they need sell cheaper to get the fiat.


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Hey! I think that this thing is not legal! Why do u recommend such things to the people?! U know, I believe that it's best to have a personal deal that would give u a legal profit as it happens with a website that promotes the products and sells them on the Amazon. Personally, I have a website which is about the ECO products that should be used for home reasons. The description is on the website, however, the products I sell on the Amazon. However, there were some problems to find the hosting server which would be stable and can support me any time when I want. I searched a lot of such hosting agency and actually came across the rental servers that can propose ten days of trial and 24/7 support. The service costs not expensive, so I believe that it was the only problem that a lil stopped my income. Again, don't cheat the persons that wanted to have a lil more money legaly!!


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Hey! I think that this thing is not legal! Why do u recommend such things to the people?!
depends on which eyes are looking at it. However, it may not work. Payment processors today are very smart, as smart as the creative merchants are... something better may be required.

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