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hey guys,
i need a solution for my problem.

i have an online shop, but i am not allowed for a limited time to have any salary beside my current income. so i need for some month a somehow off shore account with an IBAN and working card to withdraw from ATMs.
i get the payment from my online shop from one payment provider.

i thought about a prepaid creditcards (but most of them are based in UK, so they deliver informations about my financial situation to other european countries)
do you know an offshore prepaid creditcard?

also i thought about payoneer.
What do you think about it?

do you have any suggestions?


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Try Neat.HK they don't report to your tax office and you can have up to 100k HKD (12.000 Eur) of total balance

You get a virtual Bank of China bank account with them and withdraw from ATM (for a cost)

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