Current account in UK for non uk ( Europe) resident

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  1. tara

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    I am from India and I have set up compay in UK.

    I want to open Current ( Checking account) bank account in uk but having so much trouble.

    Can anyone suggest some good banks with following features:

    1. No personal visit required to open bank account
    2. Bank account opening with passport and limited company certificate copy ( Getting documents certified is a headache).
    3. Reasonable fees
    4. Maximum deposit to open account is $500.
    5. Card facility available
    6. Registered bank
    Looking for your help. Thanks.
  2. inty

    inty New Member

    most important question is, what are you trying to achieve?
    does the company have to be a UK company? if so, why? does the bank have to be a UK bank for any reasons?
    generally speaking, if somebody that has nothing to do with UK, your UK company is not appealing for any banks of that region.

    you might have some offshore options and/or EMI accounts, even then though:
    • pay extreme attention to your home country
    • UK entity not necessary unless truly needed for special reasons
  3. tara

    tara New Member

    Hi Inty,

    I have already set up company in uk.

    So I want to open payment by customers in checking account.

    My native country is not allowing to open bank account on the name of UK company.

    It is not necessary that the bank account should be in uk. But I prefer it.
  4. Milky Moon

    Milky Moon Offshore Research & Development. Business Angel

    You can easily open aa TransferWise account for your UK Ltd. (open a personal account, then open you company account from within, they check online)

    If you want a real bank, consider: Kontoeröffnungsantrag
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  5. tara

    tara New Member

    Looks new to me?

    Has anyone experience about this bank?
  6. Milky Moon

    Milky Moon Offshore Research & Development. Business Angel

    Handelsbank is a German Bank that accepts UK Ltd's. It is not new, has proper compliance so it's uniqueness lays in the ability to open an IBAN account for an UK Ltd.
  7. tara

    tara New Member

    Thanks Milky.

    I will contact them then.