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Hello guys,

I have a questions about the Cyprus Taxes for non Doms. Can a Cyprus non Dom Person open for example a Hong Kong or Dubai Company wihtout any issues or is Cyprus like Germany for example which requires Substance in the country of the Company?


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By the letter of the law, the HK or Dubai company would become tax resident in Cyprus if you manage and control it, and it would have to pay corporate income tax (12.50%) but then no further taxes if you pay yourself dividends.

In reality, enforcement has so far been quite relaxed on this. I know of several cases of expats living in Cyprus and owning/operating offshore companies, paying no corporate tax, paying themselves dividends, and not paying any tax in Cyprus. Strictly speaking, though, that might not be legal.

With increased compliance requirements and expectations (from banks/PSPs/other) of having a permanent establishment of your company, it might still be wiser to incorporate in Cyprus and pay 12.50% corporate tax, and not bother involving an offshore company.
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