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Danmark signs agreement with Switzerland - about the banking secrecay...

Denmark and Switzerland agree to exchange information about Danish citizens which hold an account in Switzerland.

This might bring the Danish government about EUR 147,6 million in TAXes.

Another country has to bait the dust and will not longer be a spot point for people which looking for privacy and banking secracy.
Some more details:

Danish and Swiss authorities have come to an agreement obligating Switzerland to help nab tax fraudsters

National tax authority SKAT has secured an agreement that compels its Swiss counterpart to share information about Danes suspected of tax fraud.

Tax Minister Kristian Jensen said the deal would end the secretive, closed nature of the Swiss banking industry.

He expected the new deal to constitute a ‘golden opportunity’ worth at least 100 million kroner for Denmark.

Department office head Susanne Reinholdt was pleased with the deal, saying many people from this country had unreported money in Swiss bank accounts.

The deal would make it easier for SKAT to find money in foreign accounts by ensuring the availability of information that previously was not attainable, she added.

Reinholdt confirmed that this included money people were trying to hide away in Switzerland.

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