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Differences between offshore destinations

It depends all on what the purpose is of the offshore company, for instant if it is a holding company you need or an investment company, the offshore jurisdiction depends only on where you get the best services from the registrar, which type of protection and anonymity you need.

For instant, Seychelles, Belize and the British Virgin Islands are some of the major offshore jurisdictions today; those 3 offshore jurisdictions provide everything you will need, from offshore banking to 100% anonymity and security for your money.

If the purpose is a trading company and you want to conduct business with European companies, the bets would be to establish your company in Cyprus, they are part of the European Uninion and provide the lowest corporate TAX in Europe, with the right tax planning and setup, the Cyprus Company will even be completely exempted from any tax.

A Cyprus Company can also be formed with Nominee Shareholder and Director which provides a good way of anonymity and security.
There are many factors you need to take into account while setting up an offshore company. Generally, taxes are one of the key considerations for setting up a business in a given jurisdiction. Other factors include the ease of doing business in a given jurisdiction, the legal environment, the political climate and availability of infrastructure, to name a few. All these factors play an important role.

Have you ever considered Singapore as your offshore destination?

Singapore scores high on all these factors, making it a popular destination for business setup. It is a location where East meets West and it provides an excellent gateway to nearly all of the major Asian markets. It offers global connectivity due to its strategic location, a pro-business environment, attractive tax regime, liberal immigration policies, skilled and talented labour force, world-class infrastructure, an efficient legal system, high quality of living and a responsive pro-active stable government.

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