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Disclosing PayPal earnings


Offshore Agent
Apr 16, 2009
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Do you guys disclose PayPal earning to the government or do you do it only if they are asked. Because I had seen many people disclosing their adsense earnings to the government but not the PayPal earnings. I wonder whether all people are doing this.
I disclose all my earnings, because I knew here in Europe all governments have agreements with ebay to open data of each ebay member for the financial departments.

So if you are selling at ebay, you are an open book for the government.
I've never disclosed paypal earnings but I don't think I make enough on paypal to be required to show my earnings...I don't really sell on Ebay and I don't use adsense...so I guess I'm safe for now. Maybe if and when I make more online online then I will.
Poganne, the answer to your question about thershold level for taxing depends on the country.

Each country has a different sum. So you have ask your tax department how much you are allowed to have during a year.
Well I do disclosing my earnings to the concerned authorities, though the the amount I earn is exempted from tax but I want to be on safe side. It is better to abide by the laws of the place where you are putting up.