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Dispute with Liberty Reserve is that possible?


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May 12, 2009
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Need to know how to make a dispute with Liberty Reserve if it is possible?

Also is there any other service which works as well as LR but allow to make any dispute? I assume it is not possible to do so in LR therefore I ask.
That's the freedom for fraudstars and why people are using Liberty Reserve, you can simple not make a dispute or chargeback.

Liberty Reserve is the No.1 payment processor for ALL Fraud on the Internet, many of the scam sites and MLM sites use LR just because they are 100% sure if they can fool someone to pay them, the money is theirs.
Usng LR,PerfectMoney and all the shady e-currency exchangers around are on own risk you are not protected if something goes wrong one will have to look careful and never hold a lot of money in those accounts but rather get them transfered to a bank account with a trusted bank. - latest crash ePassport.
Why do you say "shady" these companies offer a oportunity for all thus who are unable to get any processing somewhere else! The seller protection they offer is fantastic! No chargebacks & you can take out your money right away no hold or so..