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Do you get these too?


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Apr 15, 2009
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In the last weeks I must be a really lucky person.

I got a lot of mails, where I am asked to call back because something big is waiting for me.

If I would believe in these I would got these days:

5 iPhones, 3 apple computers, 100000 dollars, 8 cars and a cruise to the Bahamas.

Are you getting these too?
I get those emails for a thousand times even until i marked them as a spam. I think people is very desperate to spam someone so they make such a non-sense ads, but anyway, this is the internet jungle
SiddFisher said:
LOL!! I got these too. In fact I once wrote back to a guy who said I had won a lottery. He called me and told me to deposit 100$ into some bank account for tax purposes...........and I told him to wait for a few days.......I guess the guy's still waiting!!
LoL - that's a good one... assume many are still falling for this!

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