Do you know cex.io are they trustworthy, review?

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  1. auric

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    I just came across Bitcoin Crypto Exchange - CEX.IO which is a UK based company for trading bitcoins. It seems it is possible to trade in EUR and USD as well as many other currencies but in real time.

    This looks like the kraken.com platform just that this company is located in the UK which may be of more interest for all us of in Europe.

    Do you know about this company, any review or good / bad please?

    From their about us page I can see they are founded in 2013 with the below details:
    And also they are incorporated in Cyprus but it does not seem that they are licensed at any point! That can course us troubles long term.
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  2. maxmoney

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  3. auric

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    Thank you. Do you have found any other reviews about the company? All I can find sya it is a no go :( ??
  4. utibi

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    Some of theb est platforms I have been using is:


    They have an easy way to get account opened! Using kraken more then the other two!
  5. I'mRobot

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    To keep things simple I'm using Blockchain and Bitstamp for trading bitcoins. It is easy to setup accounts there and approval is fast. I had huge problems to get approved with kraken, means, it took a long time! Similar to the guys here Kraken.com does not verify my account!
  6. MadMaxtrader

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    I did a lot of market research before choosing a platform. There are many which at first sight seems to be better than CEX but I am more of a safe player kind. I have tried a lot of platforms since 2012, each exchange is good in one but the other . In 2014 I switched to CEX for mining. I am using CEX.IO for more than 2 years now. Mostly I was mining before but later left it due to the profit margins. I can tell you CEX.IO is the safest platform to stand on, at least it seems like.
    I am not a big trader but 8-10 BTC a month is what I was looking for and it satisfies my needs. They are a UK based company not based in Cyprus and moreover they are legit unlike the others.

    CEX.IO offers bundles which is way too simple way to buy BTC or ETH(I am not interested in other coins :) ), they have started margin trading (I am still learning so wouldn't comment much). They have a nice staff to support and fastest among others.

    Well CEX may not be the best but the best I could find. I read a lot bad about them that's why I started with $20 and personally I am happy.

    If you think you cannot buy a flying pigs and a unicorn at CEX then yes, they are the worst :) lols

    @maxmoney You have mentioned "They are following the typically scammer pattern, first 1 - 2 trades are going fine and then huge delays or even no payment!! stay away."

    Really? How could you get your money stuck in their payment system, it is quite simple especially the card operations. I have never seen such methods at other platforms though I agree wire transfers may take longer but CEX is not a bank so I think I would not blame them.
  7. cutmetwo

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    Is CEX.IO the only platform you are using? Is it possible to do bitcoin mining there?
  8. MadMaxtrader

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    Currently I am using cex only . I didn't have time to go to others as those platform which advertise that you login and buy BTC seems to be fishy . also, I am more in a learning mode as I want to try margin trading but don't want to put my hands unless I understand how to play.
    I came across few smaller ones but they seems too good to be true and their support themselves didn't have knowledge about their product at all. Also, who wants to wait for 2 days for a reply.

    Yes, CEX doesn't have mining. I left mining in 2015, sold my rigs for a good price and after came the halving so it was not profitable at all, I was paying just electricity bills :) CEX.IO recently stopped mining , their pool was good in the beginning(in 2014) when they were at the top for mining and after they mostly focus on trading.
  9. Hannah Munro

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    I signed up with Cex.io a few weeks ago.
    I must say that the experience with that exchange is more than unsatisfactory! The limits imposed make it virtually impossible to make any gains in this booming crypto currency market and I got riped off by cex.io. I since have have started trading with LiviaCoins – Fastest way to buy Bitcoins without ID Verification , which has a speedy transaction process, thus allowing me to make trades commensurate with the level of funding I desire.
    If you want to deal in pennies or get scammed, stay with Cex.io.