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Dubai / UAE 180 days (simple question)


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Sep 27, 2022
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hey guys,

if you have a dubai freezone company and emirates ID, you have to come every 180 days to Dubai to keep your Visa alive. Is it necessary to come to Dubai (since your company is registered there) or is it okay to come to any city in the UAE ? for example abu dhabi?
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According to what I know, the residency is what necessitates your presence in the UAE once every 6 months and for a period of not less than 24 hours inside the country, and here is what is meant by the UAE, not the Emirate of Dubai, so you can come to any emirate and enter from it, provided that you stay for 24 hours inside the UAE, so that the residency continues in flow
As far as I know, you can fly to Abu-Dhabi, sleep in the hotel close to airport and fly back next morning, no need to spend 24h+. Some say you can do it the same day (in and out, 20 minutes adventure), but generally the stay counts when you spend a night in the country.
Any emirate is fine. Which emirate your visa is from doesn't matter. Many people have visas from RAK or Fujeirah and live in Dubai. They never ever set foot into the emirate their visa is from.
And yes, for Golden Visa holders for example, you can be away for up to a year and your visa won't be canceled.
You typically just use the Smart Gates, where your face is scanned. Otherwise you use your passport. I'm not sue if you can enter with an Emirates ID only - but in any case, it doesn't matter, it's all tied together, your biometric data, your passport (or even multiple passports), your Emirates ID. You will be able to see all the entries and exits in the official mobile app as well.
No, you don't. Biometrics all the way. I think you may have to scan it when you leave, but not when you enter. Or maybe it's the other way around? Anyway, you don't always have to scan it, maybe your biometrics aren't good? Try without the passport next time, you'll be amazed. ;-)