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Dear All,

I am seeking for advice.
Could you please help me to choose the right model of business for my situation:

I am EU citizen and I live in Europe. I am willing to trade physical goods online. My clients are retail customers mostly from Europe and USA / Canada. I purchase my goods from South East Asia from private individuals. The goods are small items, which could be delivered by document courrier parcels such as DHL/ UPS. But the cost of goods itself quite expensive, approximately EUR 50 for 1 gram.

At the moment I use Wise private account to purchase goods and sell it on Etsy and Ebay as a private individual. I have to make a customs clearance in Europe before to sell my goods. Also turnover is too high to leave it like that.

What could be the right setup in this situation? Should I incorporate UK LLC with Wise account or something else? How it is possible to optimise customs clearance expenses, taking into account parcels are small (for an instance weight is 100 grams on average with some 10x10x10 cm dimesions.)?

Thank you very much in advance.
Maybe you can find a valid solution in mentor group gold. The below article is inside, but works well for most legal stuff

I assume everyone on here is a smartass in one or another way.
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As you don't sell the items directly (it's done by eBay/Etsy) it's can be much easier for you as you won't have to deal with the billing as that will these platforms do and send you your money.
That's a big plus IMO. Most people do dropshipping and then they are the ones that need to setup payment gateways, accept payments/cards etc.

Please answer these:
  1. What's your monthly turnover?
  2. What's your profit margin?
  3. Where are your customers at (what countries do you sell the items to mostly)?
  4. Do you ship from your country directly to the buyers?
  5. Did you had any issues with your post for getting and sending many packages?
  6. What are your plans in terms of scaling the business in the future?


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Maybe going the route of the Flag Theory would be a good point of view for your setup

I'm not sure if it will work like this, but many setup a UK LTD and forget everything about VAT and taxes, once it is time to file a annual report they just drop the company and no one is going to ask questions.

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