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Ebay : Never edit your listing.


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Jan 5, 2009
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Everytime I post a sell on ebay and edit the listing the item dissapears from the listing

for a long time.

Don't ever edit it in the last hours of the sale you will lose money for sure.


I don't see why they do it that way.
drillbill said:
Ebay sucks in general nowadays.
I hardly ever use it now, yet used it loads in the past...
Yeah, the site blows but I can still dump a few things there.

There is not that much competition for ebay that I know of.

I think they changed their fees for the better though.

I have to read it again but looks like sellers no longer get killed for having a

high reserve. I've paid $50 in fees for one item that didn't sell in the past

because I had a high reserve.