ecorepay.cc scam or legit ?

Discussion in 'How to accept credit card payments' started by Lurence, Jun 20, 2018.

  1. Lurence

    Lurence New Member

    I see a few reviews online that they dont pay out ?

    Does anyone have any experience with ecorepay they can share ?
  2. LucyOffshore

    LucyOffshore New Member

    The real question is why you would want to choose this payment processor over ones like 2co or stripe?
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  3. Lurence

    Lurence New Member

    They accept more high risk businesses, Life would be simple if we could use processors like 2co etc...
  4. auric

    auric Offshore Agent Mentor Group Business Angel

    High Risk processors come and go as fast as you can count to 123 there is a lot of business in it. It's important to understand that you have to do a lot of research in order to avoid to loose your money!
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  5. Lurence

    Lurence New Member

    Thats the thing they seem to have been around for many years, look very professional & there high levels or requirements for the application process. Just there are so many reviews about them not paying out...
  6. javier

    javier New Member


    I have an account with them for around 6 months.

    The reason for not receiving payments is due to the last bank from Ghana.

    They were processing via a bank in Ghana which one day stopped processing for all merchants due to

    many chargebacks i suppose.

    Ecorepay accepts high risk merchants so keep in mind that every merchant has a high risk of closing at anytime.

    At the moment they are using a chinese solution and if you have chargebacks you cannot file a dispute, so every transaction

    that is being charged back will be lost unless the client asks to cancel the chargeback and provides an official letter from the bank.

    Also you have low max amount per transaction (1000$) but the good news is that it is non 3d.

    Hope that helps.
  7. Lurence

    Lurence New Member

    Thanks for the input but have you ever received a payout from them in the 6 months you have had a account there ?
    I understand all the high risk aspects, chargebacks etc just wondering if anyone has received payments from them ?
  8. javier

    javier New Member

    Of course, i am receiving payments now as well.

    I still have a few thousands EUR stuck with the bank in Ghana, but they will be released after the 6 months reserve.
  9. Lurence

    Lurence New Member

    ok great sounds good.
  10. Lurence

    Lurence New Member

    @auric DM me if you can help with any processors or pp accounts there can be a good % in it for you.
  11. Lurence

    Lurence New Member

    Hey, Let me know how you think you can help.
    I dont have the facility to PM but can look into this if you have something good.