Estonia´s e-residence (or e-bussiness like some like to call)

João Silva

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I alread know that Estonia´s e-residence is for bussiness not residence.

Anyway I only listen pros about it. I want opinions. What do you guys think about it?

Martin Everson

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I have had it for a while and no problems with it so far. Not quite sure what exact area of feedback you are looking for conf/(%.

Samuel Newman

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Mentor Group
It looks like a kind of fraud from Estonian government
because it's just digital signature
on my opinion it's almost useless


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E-residence is simply e-business card which provides you to open and deal with business in estonia remotely. That's it.


Building Trust
In the case of residency dispute, the document is obviously worthless. It could be considered a soft-link to Estonia so it will make some banks more receptive.

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