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    I'm looking at opening an offshore account. I'm residing in South Africa. I eventually found EPB as well as this forum.

    Seems like information not that great in researching EPB. Some of the articles I found even have that Hallmark paid for feel.

    Is anyone banking with them or can give me advice?

    My requirements are to cipher small amounts offshore and start building an Stock holding on international markets. With that said, from the get go, a bank like CIM requiring a Eur5000 for opening is at the moment a little steep for me.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I have corporate/personal accounts with both.
    What information do you need (I'm an official Introducers of both)?thu&¤#
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    Well, you don't need a introducer to apply for these banks. You are also not allowed to advertise and troll the forum.

    Euro Pacific bank has a rep. here on the forum, I'm sure he will kick in here sooner or later.

    Anyway, to answer your question, I have been banking with them for at least 5 years without any troubles, they have some huge fees compared to other regular onshore/offshore banks but other than this it's simple to work with them.

    The entire approval process is not easy, but it's the same as for many of the offshore banks around.
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    How easy is it to buy stocks on their platform?
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    Thank you. I expect a call from them today. Holding thumbs.

    In South Africa we are used to fees and I didn't think their fees too exorbitant seeing that it is an offshore account and it would mainly be used to move money their, should we at some point need or want to vist/move overseas!