European offshore company similar like Delaware?


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Hi guys,

One of my good friend would like to set up an offshore company. I advised him a Delaware company formation but he said he wants to set up a company in Europe. I mentioned him that no public register is the most important. Are there here, in Europe, similar like Delaware jurisdiction?

Thank you guys!


No, there aren't.

You can avoid some public disclosure by using nominees, but with EU mandating that even UBOs be made public and tax havens falling in line, there's not much hope there. You need complicated, costly structures to avoid public disclosure in the EU.

One country to keep an eye on is Switzerland, but it's not a very attractive jurisdiction if you want a cheap, low/zero tax company like a Delaware LLC.

Regarding LLCs (assuming that's the company type your friend is interested in), there is nothing like LLC in Europe. The closest is probably the UK LLP but there is no exact US-style LLC anywhere in Europe.