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fake documents how can this be good?


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The answer could be go for U.K. Ltd , put your neighbor nominee for a cup of coffee and open transfer wise. All that 20 usd
But still when you transfer money from transferwise to your own local bank account your income will be easily public -or if you cash with debit card-.

That's what I tell people when they PM me! Some don't have even the money to get into the mentor group so I wonder why they ask for total anonymity and privacy to hide their assets hi%#
its logical because if somebody already got income into their real accounts then going anonymity will be simply useless after that point. Isn't it?


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Who would benefit from such kind of setups? I Mean what kind of businesses benefit from this setup.
There are lot's of people around looking for setups like this. Privacy and Anonymity are the key reasons for going that way. They are into all type of businesses.
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