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Discussion in 'Offshore Company formation' started by jryan54, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. jryan54

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    Hey folks,

    Looks like i've found a relatively well priced and up-front corporate agent for my simple belize setup.

    I'm just wondering if I can ask for feedback on them here?

    I didn't want to name them and look like a bloody spammer haha.

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  2. mnschwarz

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    Go for it. We're always happy to hear about good or bad dealing with agents. It helps the rest of us out as much as we might be able to help you out with our experience.
  3. jryan54

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    I have found these guys:
    Belize Offshore Company Formation - Belize IBC - ICS

    Company called International Corporate Services in Belize.

    They look fairly cheap and have their full prices for all the additional services in a document. Kinda feels a bit like a law firm.

    Anyway, wondering if anyone has dealt with them and has a review that I can trust. I really just want to use them for a very very basic IBC incorporation and will move to another agent down the track if need be.

  4. jryan54

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    Okay guys,

    I've shot an order through so will report back on the experience. I'm paying via Credit Card so if they fail to deliver i'm covered But being an actual registered agent in Belize i'm assuming they will be fine. I've got most of their fee's listed so if anyone is interested I can post them after I receive my corp documents.

    Total cost including courier (not including notary/apostille) was $650 for a Belize IBC without nominees.

    Will let you know how I get on.

    Cheers All!
  5. Internationaloff

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    Why without Apostille and Certificate of Notary? Don't forget that the Apostille is important/needed for opening the bank account outside Belize.
  6. mnschwarz

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    Is it? I got mine without these and haven't been asked for it yet.
  7. jryan54

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    Sorry I think you misunderstood me...the prices are quoted without those fees....I got the documents notarized because the bank im dealing with only requires notarisation. I just didn't want to quote that as part of the price given that its really an individual choice.

    Anyway, i'll let you all know how I get on with them.

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  8. suzy

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    Do you have any update on this?
  9. jryan54

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    So I just received all the documents via DHL yesterday and everything is very much in order and nicely arranged and I have also confirmed, via the IBC registry, that the entity is now actually registered.

    The process was very easy with them and the average response time to emails was typically 24 hours. They appear to be almost run like a small law firm and have the same level of professionalism with senior staff and admins dealing with me for various things. Thankfully, their fees are completely listed in a document that they give you so there isn't really anything that is hidden or a mystery. Maybe this will change down the track but I doubt it given that the are a licensed registered agent, and not a reseller, for Belize.

    The one negative was the time it takes to get a courier parcel from Belize down here to the Southern Hemisphere. All up it took around 8/9 days and I was sitting just waiting for it which was kind of annoying.

    I guess the real test will be when I now use the documentation to open accounts/facilities with either an EMI or offshore Bank.

    Hope that helps and I will update this periodically as I work with the agent more. Having said that, so far, they are cheap and also very reliable.

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  10. suzy

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    It will Work I guess, the documents are true and should be possible to get verified for the EMI service provider.
  11. Dubsize

    Dubsize New Member

    Did you succeed in opening a bank account or EMI?
    if yes, where?
    let us know!
  12. jryan54

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    Hi, apologies for late reply. I've been in China/Thailand on a trip.

    Yes I did....I opened an EMI with Leupay. It was easy but I did have to get a certificate of incumbency from my registered agent.

    Hope the helps.

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