Belize Company Formation

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Belize is a favorite offshore company haven. The reason being is that Belize made their country’s laws friendly for foreign businesses. It also has stable politics and economy, protecting offshore companies from unexpected liabilities. Here is a breakdown of the Belize Company Formation.

What is Belize Company Formation?
Belize Company Formation is the creation of an offshore business in Belize. Belize is a business capital. The business environment in Belize allows an offshore company to establish itself as a legal entity. There is no restriction for company formations there, for both local and foreign stakeholders. The only difference is that of a non-resident owner having to gain the approval of a bank.

Why Choose Belize?

Belize is called a tax haven. A tax haven is a country that makes itself politically and economically stable. It also ensures that it provides privacy for owners, stakeholders, and board members.

belize company formation

The government of Belize established the International Business Companies Act (IBCA), the Offshore Banking Act, and the Trusts Act in 1996. Back then, the government of Belize’s primary objective is to provide legislative practices that will attract business owners to create offshore companies in their territory.

What are the Benefits of Forming an Offshore Company in Belize?
There are many benefits to forming an offshore company in Belize. Here are some of them.
  • Minimum start-up and low-cost annual fees - There is no need to have a large capital to start a company in Belize. It is an inexpensive setup.
  • Fast Company Creation - In just two weeks, you can create a full-fledged LLC.
  • A small group of people required - You only need one director and shareholder. These corporate entities can even reside outside of Belize.
  • No need for local sponsorship - Your profit is 100% yours, as opposed to other countries where it requires a 51% local resident to own the business.
  • You may file your documents without traveling to Belize. Transactions can be done electronically.
  • The bank accounts used in forming corporations in Belize exist almost anywhere.
  • Bank accounts for corporations forming in Belize may exist anywhere in the world.

Requirements for Belize Company Formation
Here are the requirements to create an offshore company in Belize.
  • Copy of passport of all shareholders, owners.
  • Proof of address.
  • A true copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Audited financial statements and latest annual returns
  • Certificate of Name Registration

There are a couple more documents which will be provided by an agent. The first documents to be completed are the Memorandum and Articles of Association. The Registry of International Companies in Belize will finish filing your documents. They will then issue a Certificate of Incorporation.

Through your agent, you will also file for a trade license and work permit. You are required to register with Social Security and Goods and Services Tax (GST). The final step is to get your Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN).

The government of Belize made their business industry permeable. It is a tax haven, making it a good business district.


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Thanks for the info.
Any advice on a good service provider for Belize company and banking account opening?
What kind of initial deposit is required for the bank account in Belize and what are the yearly fees to run a company and a bank account?

Mr Magoo

try bosl for company opening. Havent failed me in 14 years. Yearly costs around 800 usd for renewa, cogs+ apostille. Check their pricelist for current prices.Bank accounts are more tricky. I wouldnt go for a belize bank if there are any left.
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Thanks for the info.
Any advice on a good service provider for Belize company and banking account opening?
What kind of initial deposit is required for the bank account in Belize and what are the yearly fees to run a company and a bank account?

ICO Services.

But I would recommend avoiding Belize, as you will struggle with banking/EMIs. And I'd expect them to be unbankable in a few years. With that said, if you really want one, you can open accounts with Bankera, Airwallex and Wise.


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Mr Magoo

not much chance for a BZ IBC and Wise. It used to work 4 years ago but not anymore. Try a bank in the Caribbean instead. if you use a service provide like ICO then they go to a BZ agent to open the company. I would go directly to the BZ agent to open the company (faster and cheaper, shorter chain). That is if you really want a BZ IBC in 2022


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Ok, thank you all for views.
I am just thinking, and let me try to simplify it further.
Can I open a offshore bank account without opening a company with a secure/reputable bank?
I need this account to be able to be loaded to my PayPal so I can withdraw the money to it and need to be able to use it to draw money from that banking card (debit or cc) on any machine or inside of a bank.
Anyone knows what are the options there?