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Finding clients

If it's high margin/profitability (50%) and you don't require many clients to sustain your business - do it yourself. Build trust. Only make your clients pay after execution. No prepayment. Get more volume from those clients while slowly but surely going after other clients. Favour trust, and quality over quantity and volume. Too many B2B providers give all they have at the start to impress new clients/prospects but then drop the ball when they scale too rapidly. It's a snowball effect and then you lose business (and reputation), and you are forced to keep finding new clients till your business collapse due to poor servicing.

If it's low margin or high volume I don't know what it takes to find clients so couldn't help from this front (ie advertising, lead generation etc)
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How do find clients for my service Based buisness without putting in too much effort?

Go to the shark pool called LinkedIn and put a thumbnail of a fit bird and all those thirsty men will want to connect and contact you for business.
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How do find clients for my service Based buisness without putting in too much effort?

Plenty of girls in the corner right across my window are putting very little effort in attracting clients for their service based businesses.

So let's analyze what they're doing right. Two very important principles in business:

1) Location
2) Know your target customers and how to attract them

In the case of these girls, they are complying with those principles in a fantastic way:

1) They are strategically located in a corner with high foot traffic
2) They are all wearing short skirts, high boots, low neck shirts, etc.

If your business is online and in a different field, the same concepts apply, albeit they need to approached in a slightly different fashion.

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