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first oceanic bank exist or not exist?


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May 26, 2009
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i have account in fob, at the moment this is fact , may i am naive, i am using it ,for the moment no problem, but every body tell me this bank do not exist.

they have correspondent account , ok is long istructions but is working

they have atm card working, ( i took out 2000 eur in 1 day, even bank say max is 1000),

they have virtul card working not always, but i suppose is securyty from site

they take egold

they take wu
It is a big stay away, this "bank" has been discussed here before, and they are a SCAM, you can find a lot more information about them on the links below:

Ruchihealth.com: First Oceanic Bank

Also make a investigation and search on Google, you will find many complains.
Also, I read that 'PT Shamrock' is a reseller for 'First Oceanic Bank' and a reference for them, so I don't think they are scam.

'First Oceanic Bank' is privately owned by 'FIRST OCEANIC BANK LIMITED' incorporated in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. I checked the company number online and found out that the number is correct and really exist!
Reading all this about this so called "bank" I would run and I feel sorry for all the people which lost their money or will do!