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Full escalation in ukraine ?


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Apr 10, 2021
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The slowanian premier informed his people that today/tomorrow there will be a meeting in france with all EU members and some NATO members to discuss how they progress in ukraine since their plan failed.
There are two possibilities
a) sending full material and financial supporting including soldiers
b) working on a peace treaty

He said point a is at current stage more realistic based on other EU members stance.
He said there is a possibility he will lose his status as premier for definding with everything he can to not let slowanian military join that conflict.

In poland they created already last month laws to draw people into army where you are required to report within 6 hours or else jail time of up to 10 years.
Some ministers who are known pro anglosax are talking about 2 million additional soldiers needed.And they are already spreading the narrative that russia wants to attack poland

Prime Minister Robert Fico called an extraordinary security council and government meeting due to the actions of President Volodymyr Zelensky and the upcoming negotiations in Paris on the situation in Ukraine. Fico also wants to discuss with the coalition partners. According to him, the West has two options: escalation of tension or a peace plan. He expects the first option and promised to protect the Slovak soldiers. However, experts warn against the deployment of EU military personnel, which would only increase tensions and not bring peace. According to them, the government should not succumb to these coercive efforts.
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In poland they created already last month laws to draw people into army where you are required to report within 6 hours or else jail time of up to 10 years.
Will they require people to be vaccinated against Covid? I'm not sure if I'll be able to fulfill my duties knowing there'll be irresponsible people around
On one hand - how many of those NATO meetings and talks have there been so far? One more, one less - what's the difference?

On the other - NATO and US could try to, but they've gotten their stocks depleted, or nearly so.
Based on the talk of the slovakian premier all european leaders from bigger countries are yelling war war war.
They already defined the plan and goals which he can't tell because its a secret.
He said there are few Nato members who will also participate (UK i guess) which are not EU members.Not a single word about the US.
Based on his words it seems like a done deal where slovakian won't participate other than humanitarian aid.
This is also not an attack via Nato or EU but he described it as bilateral contracts between a country and ukraine where ukraine demands help so NATO or EU won't be officaly invloved
Take nuclear weapons out of the way and Poland together with Ukraine can beat Russia any day.
At badminton

Finally, 369 as part of the Bundeswehr forces, together with JohnnyDoe as part of Forze Armate Italiane, will help us destroy the russians somewhere at Avdiivka frontline.

Together, we are strong. :)

Oh, we must not forget poloniex. He should keep company to 369 inside the Leopard or Marder, which will be perfectly match pair.
For sure we are funnier than Zelensky as a comedian
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