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Full Time or Part Time jobs ?


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Sep 19, 2009
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Full time job is better, anybody can say it very easily. But if the job is a low paid full time job,the benefit is of no value.On the other hand Part time jobs are flexible and you can do more part time jobs as per your likes and dislikes.Both has their own pros and cons.So friends, what do you prefer and why?Presently are you engaged in full time or part time jobs?
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You have rightly sated that both full time and part time jobs have their own advantages and disadvantages.Full time jobs are secured and peaceful.But to run a family as head of it ,you need enough money.So more than one part time job can be done by a person who is not engaged as a full time employee.Similarly a person with full time low paid job can take up part time jobs as per his/her schedule and choice.I have a full time job but earning money online is my hobby.
fulltime job or parttime jobs, both pay equally .The only thing is you should work hard to get what ever you want,the most important thing is never pay for a parttime job,even if it is a data entry job never pay for that!
I like to think out of the box, you can work in many different hours and make a target amount per year. Stop thinking hourly and think yearly. You maybe surprized of the ways you can make and save money. Full time can be limiting
I don't know but i have a full time job and likes being online at night just checking out sites investing and others. Its nice to have a part time job too which will be like a side income that you can tuck away for a rainy day.
Machida said:
I like part time jobs since I am engage more on blogging. If I have a full time job then I am sure that I can’t regularly do my daily task on my blogs.
Hi Machida,

It is quite interesting to know from your reply that you prefer Blogging than a full time job.Blogging is your daily task too.How much you earn every month from Blogging?Share your secretes here with others.Not only me but others are also following this discussion.Any way,wish you best of luck and happy and successful blogging carrier.