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GB IBAN for non resident EU citizen


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any suggestions for reliable EMIs who provide unique(!) GB*** IBAN accounts for UK Ltd.'s, owned by Asia residents? (EU passport holder)
We are going for the payment provider Mollie. They require a bank account in the same country where the company is registered. During the KYC process, they will ask you to send a payment to their account so they can verify the ownership of the linked payout account. That's why Transferwise, unfortunately, doesn't work. So we are looking for an EMI who provides UK EUR IBAN accounts which can send payments in the name of the company. Like ePayments - but there are gone :(.

I already checked many, but they all have their own downsides (some would be possible with some white lies, but it should process up to 6-7 figure a month, so we are better safe than sorry):

Revolut: UK IBAN but only EU residents
Monese: UK IBAN but only EU residents
Paysera: No UK IBAN
MrTango: No UK IBAN
AdvCash: No unique IBAN
Pervesk: No UK IBAN
Tide: Shared IBAN, not enough features
Bilderlings: Company & director need to live in the same country
Cashaa: Not very trustworthy
LeoPay: No UK IBAN
Fire.com: UK IBAN but only UK residents
Sogexia: Low limits & bad reviews
Banqia: No UK IBAN & website not working

The only remaining legit EMIs I found, which maybe would be worth a try, are:


Any experience with these?

If anything is not true / you made recently other experiences, please feel free to correct me. There are mainly just research results I have from this forum and the company's FAQs and phone support.

Thanks for your help in advance!


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Hi, I heard Bruc + Bond might have a local UK banking solution with a dedicated IBAN. Depends on the company's business type though.
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