Gender equality - are we at the cultural peak of the west?

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Despite brexit, war going on in Ukraine, the EU remains strong and has once again proven that it doesn't have time for unimportant things and is focusing on leading the world to the better future ahead.
A new directive sets a target for EU companies listed on the EU stock exchanges to accelerate the reach of better gender balance. It sets a share of 40% of the underrepresented sex among non-executive directors and 33% among all directors. These companies must ensure that board appointments procedures are clear and transparent, and that applicants are assessed objectively based on their individual merits (e.g. sexual favours), irrespective of gender.
Now companies are seeking after a new type of corporate service - nominee female representative.

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We have not yet reached peak clown world. It will take a near destruction event to break free of this insanity.

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quoting the title "the cultural peak of the west" we are far behind the peak I'd say and now going downhill by speed of sound - definitely not there yet
It looks as if just when it seems it can't get worse they don't fail to surprise again.


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When reading such articles I would suggest you to think of what is known as "doublespeak". West was at the peak, at Clown Peak, 42,000 meters above sea level, time to go back down, fast. Have you ever run downhill? I did that when I was a kid, this one time I fell face first into a pile of gravel, it hurt. It was so much fun until I couldn't stop myself. Personally, I find it more difficult climbing down a mountain than climbing up, I have to keep my breaks on all the time, it's so tiring.

How equal can it be when for the same position men have to check 20 boxes and woman have to check 10?
At what peak is West at when 10 year old boys want to be girls and they feed them hormones? Might as well remove the minimum age and let kids smoke, drink alcohol, do steroids, have sex and so on.

How strong is Europe now that a massive wave of immigrants has flooded the continent and native Europeans can't find a job or even afford a house?

As for the sexual favor part, there are plenty of escorts out there, good ones.


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cultural peak was around the year 1914 and the western world has been in steady decline since then. Only now it's accelerating and people are noticing they are heading off a cliff.