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The goods things change so fast .
Last months I opened business account in Bank of Georgia in Tbilisi , as easy as 24 hours ready
Not questions , and not residence proof address or consumer bill

One months late is nearly impossible to open a corporation account in BOG, after a full week of questions ,
the bank request Office rent contract, to prove your business will get directly involved with Georgia , also is need to provide rent payment statement from landlord , and after they get all information, will mail you than kindly by informed than your request is rejected.

The only option now is the TBC , or get a ready made company with bank accounts .


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TBC is easier compare to BOG...

but the stock price of TBC is quite bad those days~due to the money laundering scandal of TBC's owner

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Thats one of the reasons I still have my apartment in Georgia. I saw all this coming. I opened all accounts in Georgia back in the day when no proof of address was needed at all conf/(%.


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TBC asked also confirmation that business involved with Georgia and no rent agreement is ok for them, they asked to show a business contracts with the local companies and other commercial activity inside.

last option may be - Terrabank.
but I used SIlk Road - very bad bank


There are only two banks with references which worth something there and those are bog and tbc, my experiences with tbc were great since last december, suddenly they sent me email about 48 hours to take cash out and close the account since bussines was not related to GE. In the sane monent I ran to ATM to withdraw 4k but it was too late. Cards were blocked, they told me I could witdraw it only personaly in Tbilisi. Well, some days before I had one more zero on the amount so I am not relaxed with BOG also. I think we need to find another bank outside soon.

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